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Rhode Island Fishing Boat Captains

Meet the Captains of Adventure Charters, a Father and son in business together.

We had fished Narragansett Bay and Block Island sound in Rhode Island for many years, first as recreational, then as commercial rod and reel fisherman. We would often return from a day's trip, put our fish up on the dock, and have people ask us if we would take them out on a fishing charter. Well, after being asked enough times we decided to do it, and found we like it.

We are such fanatics about fishing that we even go fishing on our days off.  It's always interesting to try new areas, techniques, and rigs to see if they work, finding newer and better ways to fish and places to go.

Fishing has to be the best outdoor activity in the world.  Of course, we are biased in favor of it.  Even when we can't fish we're thinking about fishing or writing about fishing or talking about it with someone.  I bet some people get tired of talking to us.

Captain Chris rhode island

Captain Chris Bell - Coast Guard licensed
Captain Chris started fishing when he was very young, in Florida. His dad, Earl, would take him out fishing with him, and Chris would take all the tackle out of the box and put it on the floor. Soon there would be sinkers rolling around underfoot (oh boy!). After a long while, he finally got the hang of it and started to catch fish. Chris has been fishing Rhode Island waters for 13 years and has an intuitive feel for areas which will hold fish and the best time for fishing.

"I want everyone to have a good time when they charter with us."
rhode island fishing boat captain
"My preferred fishing is Topwater plugs with light tackle out at Block Island. Nothing beats a big bass smashing a topwater plug on the surface."

captain earl fishing captain rhode island


Captain Earl G. Bell - Coast Guard licensed
This is my dad. He has been fishing for over 40 years, starting on charter head boats in NY, paying about $5.00 to go out on a trip. He spent many years fishing in Florida, catching snook, kingfish, wahoo, sharks, sailfish, bonito, etc. from his 23' chris craft boat. Moving to RI in 1973, he bought a wooden boat here and proceeded to fish Narragansett bay and Block Island.
   I finally got him to get his captain's license and now he enjoys taking people fishing and teaching them how to catch fish for the first time.


Captain Fred Miller - Coast Guard licensed
This is my dad. He has been fishing for over 20 years, starting on charter head boats in RI. The addiction to the fishing habit was well developed by the age of 10.   Mashpaug Pond in Providence, RI was just down the street, and it was FULL of carp, ranging from two to twenty lbs.  A big strong Carp, falling for a wad of Wonder Bread on a hook, tied to a 6lb test spinning outfit, purchased with S&H Greenstamps, collected from Mom & Dad's grocery shopping at Almacs in Garden City Cranston... was still, to this day, some of the purest, most exciting fishing I've ever done.

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