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2008 RI Fishing Photos on the charter boat Adventure.

Check out our new collection of Rhode Island Fishing pictures for 2008, there are many excellent photos from the various charter fishing trips.

We try to update the 2008 pictures as often as possible but it gets very busy fishing in Rhode Island so it doesn't work out the way we would like.

So check out our RI fishing pictures and see if maybe something strikes you with the bug to come out on a fishing charter with us.  We'd love to show you a great time fishing on the Adventure or the Aces Wild fishing boats.  You'll see a lot of happy faces with very nice fish in our selection of 2008 photos.  Take some time to check out our charter boat vacation pictures.

October 7, 2008:  Chris Fletcher w/kamikaze fish caught on Topwater: 24lb striper

October 4, 2008:  Deb Covey  with a nice 21lb bass taken on a plastic sand eel imitation.

September 17, 2008:  Peter Roman with a 37lb Bass at Block Island.

September 8, 2008:  Joe Roberto with a 32lb Cow at Block Island on topwater plug.

September 5, 2008:  Thaddeus Wolfram with a big 22lb Bass taken on a topwater plug.

August 28, 2008:  The beautiful Brittany Richardson holds a nice bass she brought in like
a pro on light tackle.  This fish took a 6" pearl storm jig.

August 28, 2008:  Kristen's father Rick Richardson helps her hold this 18lb Bass
she caught on a metal jig.

August 28, 2008:  Kristen Richardson is very happy with this 31" Bass she caught.

August 19, 2008:  A nice Bass taken on a topwater plug (one of nine keepers).

August 18, 2008:  Al with a very nice Block Island North Rip Bass.

August 17, 2008:  Chris, a beautiful girl with a beautiful 25lb Bass.
She brought this fish to the boat like a pro on light tackle.
The O'Connells are a fishing clan.

August 17, 2008:  Chris's sister Michaela, another beautiful girl with a beautiful fish.
This one is a 23lb Striper which she did a great job of bringing to the boat on light tackle.
The O'Connells are a fishing clan.

August 16, 2008:  Ray with a beautiful 31lb Cow taken on a topwater plug.

August 15, 2008:  A nice 20lb Bass taken on Topwater plug.

August 14, 2008:  Ryan w/33lb Bass and Eric w/24lb bass both caught at the same time.
These two fish were fighting over the one plug until Eric cast his into the melee and they
both hooked up.  We all watched the big fish inhale the plug 15 feet from the boat.  Wow!

August 14, 2008: Ryan with his 33lb bass taken on a topwater plug and 17lb class rod.

August 14, 2008:  Two smaller bass (18lb and 20lb) caught earlier during the trip.

August 13, 2008:  Brittany Favereau with a nice bass she brought in.

August 11, 2008: Chef Daren of Divine Providence Catering with a 30lb Lunker Bass.

August 10, 2008:  Young Zach with a 26lb Topwater Bass.

August 6, 2008:  Rob Murgo with his first Fly Rod Bass.

August 3, 2008:  Nice Striped Bass caught by the weight lifting babe.
She twice reeled in four bluefish on one rod during this trip.

July 26, 2008:  Beautiful Cow Bass taken at Block Island North Rip.

July 25, 2008:  Nice Bass that attacked a swimming Bomber plug.
She brought this in on a 12lb class rod.

July 24, 2008:  Jeff Ingber with a nice Cow Bass taken on a Topwater Plug.

July 24, 2008: Moe with his 26lb Birthday Bass taken on topwater.

July 23, 2008:  44lb bass taken on topwater plug and 17lb class rod.

July 21, 2008:  Even mom brought this 18lb Bass up to the boat on her own.

July 21, 2008:  Laura with a 22lb topwater bass

July 15, 2008:  Chris Fletcher with a 34lb bass taken on a 12lb class rod.
This large female was released unharmed.

July 11, 2008: Video of Matt's Striper Battle
(click on image to start video)

July 12, 2008:  The Chef from Channel 10 news with a 30lb topwater bass.  GH

July 8, 2008:  Giant 15lb bluefish that exploded on a topwater plug. GH

July 8, 2008:  Bob Forsyth with a 23lb Bass taken on a topwater plug.  GH

July 7, 2008: Mike Kelly with a nice 22lb topwater bass that exploded out of the water.

July 7, 2008: Mike II with a nice 18lb bass taken on a topwater swimming plug. GH

July 6, 2008:  Deanne Cyr holds a nice 20lb bass. NR

July 6, 2008:  Chuck Drury holds a nice 25lb bass

July 6, 2008:  John Gohsler holds a nice 27lb bass

July 6, 2008: The three of them together with the first 3 Bass of the day.

July 3, 2008:  The Forsyth Family Flounder trip.

July 2, 2008: Cindi Cortes holds a giant 25" long flounder she brought to the boat.

July 1, 2008: Tom Walsh is proud of his 29lb bass taken on a plug.  NR

July 1st, 2008: This 21lb fish is the biggest Carol ever caught.

June 28,2008: Mr Mick, The Unknown Flukester, and Litz on their fluking trip.

June 23, 2008:  Giant 15lb Bluefish taken on Topwater plug.

June 23, 2008:  24" doormat fluke.
Total 8 bass, 14 flounder, and 4 bluefish on this light tackle trip.

June 19, 2008:  A very successful Flounder trip, 18 total keepers out of 43 fish caught.

June 15, 2008:  Dilson R. Cosme with a 30lb Bass taken on Topwater Plug.  NS

June 12, 2008: First topwater Bass. this fish hit the plug 4 times before he got hooked.

June 11, 2008:  Island exploding with Bass, this one taken on a fly.

June 9, 2008: George Donella with a big fat 20lb bass taken on a topwater plug.  NR

June 9, 2008: Chris Fletcher with one of many bass he caught this day
We released 80 fish on this trip.

June 7, 2008: Noy holds a 37lb Bass caught on a Topwater plug.

June 6th, 2008: Waite broke his record of the day before with a 22lb Striper.
We caught 50 stripers and 1 codfish on this trip, including 27 keepers.

June 5, 2008: Waite holds a 16lb bass caught this day, his biggest to date.

June 5, 2008: Waite holds a nice 24" giant flounder, he was killing them.

June 2, 2008:  One of 6 keepers caught along with 12 flounder and 4 Bluefish.

May 25, 2008:  Chris Fletcher with a 35lb Bass caught on a soft plastic Storm jig.

May 24, 2008:  Matthew DeLuise with a nice flounder he caught.

May 23, 2008:  First Bass of the season.

May 23, 2008: Matt holds a nice flounder he caught.

May 21, 2008: Captain Chris helps Neil Ellis hold his 20" Flounder for a photo op.

May 21, 2008:  The men of the Ellis family have their guys day out.

May 11, 2008:  Giant 22" long flounder one of several caught.

April 24, 2008.  Jason holds a nice 7lb Tautog he caught by himself.

April 24, 2008: Jeff Ingber holds a nice 9.5lb Tautog (total 36 tautog 20 keepers).

April 18, 2008:  An 8lb Tautog taken by Captain Chris on a recon Charter.
We caught 19 tautog on this trip with only 2 anglers and limited out.

April 18, 2008: Captain Earl holds a 9lb Tautog that was very hungry.

April 16, 2008:  Beautiful 7lb Tautog first fish of the 2008 Season



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